St. Jude All-Night Competition

Lambda Theta Alpha, along with other campus organizations, is very passionate to build upon our efforts to contribute to our organization’s philanthropy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Last year we are proud to have raised $30,691.02 among our LTA chapters across the nation, but are reaching out to the Lehigh community to help break this record yet again. The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. We’re excited to host the St. Jude All-Night Competition at Lehigh University Thursday, October 17th at 10pm, but need your help to make it as big and successful as possible and truly a campus-wide unifying effort to bring joy to the brave patients and families of St. Jude.

The St. Jude All-Night Competition at Lehigh University is a student-led philanthropic program in which student organizations raise funds for and awareness of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The competition hopes to create unity across campus, raise funds for the children and families of St.Judes, and educates participants about what we can all contribute for children in our communities. In the spirit of competition, participating teams will earn points by completing an outdoor scavenger hunt and indoor tournament.

Make a $10 donation, but any amount helps and sharing this message with your friends to ask for their support as well also makes a difference. If you are affiliated with a larger organization, please consider a generous contribution.


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To learn more about St. Jude,please visit

The St. Jude All-Night Competition Planning Committee

Dalisbeth Galvez, Executive Manager – Lambda Theta Alpha
Jasmine Ayesha, Assistant Manager – Alpha Gamma Delta
Priya Chokshi, Budget Manager – Spanish Club
Daniel Leal, Teams Manager – Pi Kappa Alpha
Joshua Barnes, Entertainment Manager – LU’s Finest Step Team

Upcoming Events

The Lambda Ladies are all officially back on campus!

Come support the Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha this semester as well as the events we’re taking part in with the Multicultural Greek Council.

What’s Going Down on the Yard/Meet the Multicultural Greek Council
*5×10(Creative Curiosity) Tuesday, August 27th 4:10PM Lamberton Hall 

Come learn about the history and growth of culturally-based Greek organizations and the intake/orientation processes.

Who are those Ladies in Burgundy and Grey? Info Session
Saturday, August 31st 4:10PM UC (LOWER LEVEL) B025

If you’ve ever been slightly curious to know what it’s like to be a part of a sisterhood and a movement or what it means to be a part of the multicultural Greek community here at Lehigh, join us on Saturday, August 31st.

Come meet the Sisters of ΛΘΑ and learn more about the FIRST and ONLY Lovely Lambda Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

This informational is open to ALL women – Although we have Latin in our name, we thrive as a culturally diverse Sisterhood. Truly, “Latin by Tradition NOT by Definition.”

Since 1975, our organization has been based on the principles of Unity, Love and Respect and we ALWAYS rock that Burgundy and Grey.

Multicultural Greek Council Yard Show
Friday, September 6th 7PM UC Front Lawn

Learn more about the Multicultural Greek Council and our traditions of stepping, strolling, and saluting that exhibit our pride and make us unique. Are any of our chapters right for you?

As the Summer Comes to a Close…

As this summer comes to a close, the LTA’s are ready to take Lehigh’s campus by storm. Having accomplished and experienced so much during the summer, we’re confident that we’ll continue to do great things.

As a sorority that highly values academic success, our sisters have been working very hard in the classroom all of last year. In June, our chapter was evaluated as having achieved the highest overall Spring 2013 GPA within the entire Lehigh Greek Community with a 3.458!

Each year, the Lehigh University Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs evaluates the Greek lettered organizations on Lehigh’s campus on the basis of intellectual development, leadership development, community development, and organizational development. Each chapter is then given an overall rating, gold being the highest honor. In July, accreditation reports came out and Lambda Theta Alpha received Gold for the third year in a row in all areas of development – the only sorority in the Multicultural Greek Council and 1 out of 6 all-Greek sororities on campus to achieve this distinction.

In July of this summer, three of our sisters headed to New Orleans to attend our annual convention alongside our brothers, Lambda Theta Phi, for the first time in history. We headed to the House of Blues where Lambda Theta Alpha and Lambda Theta Phi hit the stage for salute and stroll competition. We put together HeroBox care packages for military units; attended workshops on leadership, community, and political activism; had fun at a comedy show and explored and dined in the city of New Orleans; met a few of the founders of our sorority and listened as they told the story of how Lambda Theta Alpha came to be and of stories along the way.

We met and spent time with hundreds of sisters from across the nation, dressed up for a masquerade ball held in union with Lambda Theta Phi, and finally paid homage to the sisters who were inducted into our Omega chapter, a chapter reserved for our Lambda Angels who have passed away recently.

Omega Ceremony

Omega Ceremony

These past several months, our chapter has achieved and experienced many great things, and we hope to continue to do so into this upcoming school year. Soon, we will release some upcoming events that we have planned for the fall and we hope that many of you at Lehigh and sisters in the area will join us!

Honoring our Legacy: Viviendo la Visión

The National Convention 2013 theme Honoring our Legacy: Viviendo La Visión celebrates our legendary and strong past, while embracing the powerful ladies who stand with us today.

Where will our National Convention be this Summer?!?… The answer’s in this video

About LTA and the National Convention

Lambda Theta Alpha (LTA) was established in 1975 as the first Latina-based sorority catering to Latinas and the all encompassing Universal Woman.  The desire to progress, dedication to their community, and the aspiration for the advancement of the Latina women marked the beginning of Lambda Theta Alpha.

Today, we currently have over 120 undergraduate and graduate/alumnae chapters. These chapters span 21 states and Puerto Rico. Since our establishment, we have introduced our organization to more than 3,000 women. The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) recognized Lambda Theta Alpha as Organization of the Year five times, most recently in 2012.

Each year, LTA  hosts a 3 or 4 day National Convention event.  A variety of workshops focused on leadership development, philanthropic initiatives and academic excellence are offered to our undergraduate and graduate/alumnae members.

From 300-500 members engage in this event annually.  As part of this important event, undergraduates experience enrichment through diverse workshops on graduate school, careers, financial aid, leadership development, healthy living, internships and cultural awareness. Our alumnae members attend various professional workshops such as  finances, ethics, career development, retirement planning, interview skills and family planning.

During the National Convention, we also celebrate our many accomplishments within the community at our Annual Awards Luncheon.

Guest Speaker Event

Ladies of Tomorrow Mentorship Program was founded in Spring 2012 to serve the female student population in the South Bethlehem Area. We strive to instill a college mindset, leadership and service in our communities, and most importantly we strive to empower our female community. We have invited a highly distinguished motivational speaker, Karen Hoyos, to speak on Thursday, September 20th to the Lehigh student body as well as the greater Bethlehem area. This event will be taking place during Hispanic & Latino Heritage Month hosted by the Latino Student Alliance! Hoyos has been seen on national television, heard on various radio stations as well as hosted private seminar events. Please join us to meet this well known motivational speaker! Her visit to Lehigh University will emphasize the learning of one’s heritage & culture, embracing it and using it to contribute to our own communities. We hope to see you there!